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The 200 Most Awesome Things About Weed

I.M. Stoned


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Hundreds of highly entertaining facts, quotes, and more!

Weed. Pot. Mary Jane. Grass.

No matter what you call marijuana, it's still dope.

Bursting with mind-blowing marijuana facts, this all-inclusive look at cannabis offers hundreds of reasons to celebrate your favorite herb. Each page highlights weed's best features with unbelievable stories and trivia, cool ways to inhale, and quotations from legendary stoners. With details on everything from infusing alcohol with THC to get a better high to the history behind the world's oldest weed stash, this book keeps you entertained long after your buzz wears off.

Dope: Because getting high doesn't mean you can't learn something awesome.

Praise For Dope: The 200 Most Awesome Things About Weed

"A cannabis humor book, Dope catalogues a large amount of pretty hilarious and relevant fun-filled facts...about cannabis.... This book is sure to bring you a smile. This book is perfect entertainment to keep you and your friends busy on the holy green holiday." --Culture Magazine

Adams Media, 9781440586224, 192pp.

Publication Date: January 2, 2015

About the Author

I. M. Stoned is a pseudonym for the writer who claims he never smoked, but perpetually has the munchies and has seen The Big Lebowski and Pineapple Express too many times to be completely innocent.