The Bread of Angels: A Journey of Love and Faith (Compact Disc)

A Journey of Love and Faith

By Stephanie Saldana, Cassandra Campbell (Read by)

Blackstone Audiobooks, 9781441729118

Publication Date: February 1, 2010



In 2004, twenty-seven-year-old Stephanie Saldana traveled to Damascus, Syria, on a Fulbright fellowship to study the role of the prophet Jesus in Islam. She was also fleeing a broken heart. It was not an ideal time to be an American in the Middle East--the United States had recently invaded Iraq, refugees were flooding into Damascus, and dark rumors swirled that Syria might be next to come under American attack. Miserable and lonely, Stephanie left Damascus to visit an ancient Christian monastery carved into the desert cliffs. In that beautiful, austere setting, she confronted her wavering faith and met Frederic, a young French novice monk. As they set out to explore the mysteries entwining Christianity and Islam, Stephanie slowly realized that she had found God again--and that she was in love with Frederic. But would Frederic choose God or Stephanie?