My Octopus Arms (Hardcover)

By Keith Baker, Keith Baker (Illustrator)

Beach Lane Books, 9781442458437, 32pp.

Publication Date: September 24, 2013



Eight arms make for a lot of lovable activity in this cheerful picture book from the creator of the New York Times bestselling LMNO Peas.

Octopus has eight arms
What can they do?
So many things--
let him show you

Join a friendly octopus and his crafty crab sidekick as they explore all the wonderful things we can do with our arms. From tying a bow and performing a show to baking a pie and waving good-bye, there's no limit to the fun.

...But what's the VERY BEST thing we can do with our arms? Why, hugging, of course And Octopus can't wait to show little ones how it's done.

Praise For My Octopus Arms

“Who hasn’t occasionally wished for more than two hands (or arms) in order to simultaneously accomplish all that one needs to?

In a rhyming response to Little Crab’s query, the colorful, friendly octopus star of this picture book demonstrates that he can manage to pull off quite a few impressive feats with his numerous appendages…the real, intended warm message drifts home: All arms are made to reach out and draw someone in for a loving embrace. The story is sweet…. The watercolor paintings are colorful and full of lively energy…this effort should reassure little ones resting in the human arms of favorite story readers.”