Let's Go Nuts!: Seeds We Eat (Hardcover)

Seeds We Eat

By April Pulley Sayre, April Pulley Sayre (Illustrator)

Beach Lane Books, 9781442467286, 32pp.

Publication Date: August 27, 2013



This seed-themed companion to Rah, Rah, Radishes and Go, Go, Grapes proves that healthy eating can be both fun and delicious

What do nuts, beans, grains, and even some spices have in common? They're all seeds--seeds we can eat So get ready to greet lentils and limas, take a crack at coconuts and cashews, and say hi to rye and buckwheat. You'll soon be seeing seeds in a whole new way

This seedy celebration comes complete with an author's note full of fascinating facts about seeds, including a section about nut allergies and how to help nut-sensitive friends and classmates stay safe and healthy.

Praise For Let's Go Nuts!: Seeds We Eat

“After tributes to veggies (Rah, Rah, Radishes, 2011) and fruit (Go, Go, Grapes, 2012), Sayre delivers another peppery blend of upbeat, celebratory rhymes and photos taken at local grocery shops and farmers markets.

This time, the spotlight’s on seeds…the combination of short, pithy verse and artfully displayed food provides an excellent aid for classroom or family learning. To that end, Sayre (a veteran of school visits) provides an afterword that answers questions about the science and nutrition of seeds, nut allergies, cultural connections through food, and more.

Another cheery, useful overview of real food from a first-rate science writer.”