Triple Crossing (Hardcover)

By Sebastian Rotella

Mulholland, 9781444727500

Publication Date: August 1, 2011



Valentine Pescatore is a rookie Border Patrol agent on the edge. He gets in trouble and finds himself recruited by U.S. agent Isabel Puente and Leo M ndez, chief of an elite Tijuana police unit. They are targeting a ruthless Mexican crime family and the operation needs a man on the inside.
Soon Pescatore is in a drug lord's crew, drawn into a world of smuggling, corruption, and murder. The outlaw code of the gangsters is seductive-but so is Pescatore's own code, and his growing love for Isabel Puente. As violence escalates, all three plunge into the deadly no-man's-land of South America's Triple Border, where a bloody showdown will test their loyalties and beliefs. Written with rapid-fire intensity, TRIPLE CROSSING is an explosive and riveting thriller.

About the Author

Sebastian Rotella is an award-winning senior reporter for ProPublica, an independent organization dedicated to investigative journalism. He covers international terrorism, organized crime, and homeland security. Previously, he worked for almost twenty-three years for the Los Angeles Times," serving as bureau chief in Paris and Buenos Aires and covering the Mexican border. He was a Pulitzer finalist in international reporting in 2006. He is the author of "Twilight on the Line," which was a New York Times" Notable Book.