Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Mysteries and Connections (Paperback)

Exploring the Mysteries and Connections

By Gayle Redfern

Authorhouse, 9781449057602, 248pp.

Publication Date: December 28, 2009



"It is important to know how our ancestors thought. We will be able to understand our future only if we understand our past first." Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men - Maya Nation ..".and the people of all colours join to bind what was broken and live in hope." (Waitaha Elder) "It is time to blend and sing a united chorus." (Waitaha Elder) These quotes remind us of the powerful connections between the ancient and modern people. They remind us of similarities between cultures around the globe. Join me and explore the relationship between the 10,000 year old Kennewick man of mainland America, the 17,000 year old pottery ruins of Chile and their association with the Jomon of Asia and modern Ainu of Japan. Ponder the mysterious link of Africa, Mesoamerica and Europe. Hear the recent messages from the Elders of Kogi, Hopi and Maya nations. "With all things and in all things, we are relatives." (Lakota Chief)