Hot Prospects (Paperback)

The Proven Prospecting System to Ramp Up Your Sale

By Bill Good

Scribner, 9781451648263, 272pp.

Publication Date: March 9, 2011

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Whatever good or service you're selling, five likely customers are worth a hundred random names. No one can help you find new business by finding those five -- or five hundred, or fifty thousand -- best-qualified customers better than Bill Good.

For over a decade, Bill Good's guide to increasing new business by finding the right prospective customers has been an invaluable resource to people in every imaginable profession involving selling. Now completely revised and updated to include lessons on how email, fax machines, and the Internet can be incorporated into an effective prospecting and selling campaign, it is the most valuable tool a salesperson can own.

Anyone who does any prospecting or selling by phone -- from securities, insurance, and real estate to fund-raising -- knows the frustrations and rejections inherent in "cold calling." Many people come to fear it. But why should this be so? Certainly there are people out there who need and want the product you're selling. If only you could more efficiently generate a list of just those people, weed out the hopeless cases, and launch a simple and highly effective campaign to win them to your side. Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success shows you how to do just that. Bill Good draws on all he's learned from a long, successful career teaching companies and individual entrepreneurs how to create successful prospecting campaigns. He jettisons the stale, old-school, don't-believe-a-customer-who-says-no philosophy for a plan of attack that finds good prospects while quickly screening out unqualified, uninterested customers. From the first contact to the final close, Bill Good will help you design a complete, customized prospecting campaign.

In this new revised edition, bursting with fresh ideas for incorporating new media and new technologies into his proven campaign strategies, Bill Good has updated a classic and given salespeople everywhere a book they can't afford to live without.

About the Author

Bill Good is the president of Bill Good Marketing, Inc., a sixty-five-person firm based in South Jordan, Utah, that specializes in helping salespeople worldwide increase their sales or work less. He is also the creator of the Bill Good Marketing System, a computer-based client marketing, prospecting, and office management system designed to coordinate today's modern sales team. He was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and did graduate work in economics at the University of Virginia.