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5 Steps to Realizing Your Goals and Resolutions

Ph.D. Norcross, John C., Kristin Loberg, Jonathon Norcross


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From one of America’s foremost authorities on personal change comes the blueprint for his cutting-edge system, showing readers how to execute permanent lifestyle changes in just five steps.

Is there a scientific formula you can follow to change your life?

Change is hard. But not if you know the 5-step formula that works whether you’re trying to stop smoking or start recycling. Dr. John C. Norcross, an internationally recognized expert, has studied how people make transformative, permanent changes in their lives. Over the past thirty years, he and his research team have helped thousands of people overcome dozens of behavioral ailments. Now his cutting-edge, scientific approach to personal improvement is being made available in this indispensable guide.

Unlike 95 percent of self-help books, the Changeology plan has a documented track record of success. Whether you want to quit overeating or drinking, or end depression, debt, and relationship distress, Dr. Norcross gives you the tools you need to change what you want within 90 days. Changeology shows you:

*¦ How to define your goals and get started in a new direction

* How to pump up your motivation and prepare for self-change

* How to prevent relapses into old patterns

* How to master the skills that will help you sustain change

* How to personalize your journey with Check Yourself assessments and an inter- active website,

Whatever your goal or resolution, you can use Changeology to achieve a life filled with greater health and happiness.

Praise For Changeology: 5 Steps to Realizing Your Goals and Resolutions

"Self-help advice you haven't heard before...become more clever, more relaxed, more satisfied--and more realistic about how long it will take to make new habits stick."

"One of six books to build a dream on—pick for the year’s best guides."

"Norcross is the Billy Beane of personal-change gurus, using reams of psychological studies the way a sabermetrician uses baseball statistics. He'll be the first to tell you that this scientific approach beats magical thinking."

"Dr. Norcross has revolutionized the psychology of change and now offers a remarkable five step program for more than 50 common complaints that plague many of us. You can learn to change your life today."
— Mehmet Oz, MD

"Change isn't easy but if there's anyone out there who can convert skeptics to believers, it's Norcross."

“Changing a habit involves two things: knowing how to change and knowing what to change. This book, by a true master scientist of change, is the best book I know about the steps YOU can take to make and to sustain the changes YOU want to make.”
— Mike Roizen, M.D.

"Stop smoking. Slim down. Exit that awful relationship. Not easy. A board-certified psychologist and Distinguished University Fellow at the University of Scranton, the author of more than 300 publications and the coauthor or editor of 22 professional books, Norcross has spent his career researching how people change their behavior and is here to tell you. He’s got a 90-day plan, backed by a free interactive website and entailing five steps. Hope springs eternal."

“Finally, a self-help book based on solid scientific evidence by psychology’s smartest myth-buster. The science of change has finally arrived, and the you who starts this book won’t be the you who finishes it.”
— Daniel Gilbert

Changeology is a powerful tool for those seeking the happiness lasting change can bring. Science tells us that if you can change your behavior, you can increase your happiness. This simple, research-based plan will show you how to begin a new life free of old, bad habits and full of inner peace and well-being.”
— Marci Shimoff

"I have rarely read one [self-help book] that I truly felt could bring real, meaningful change into a person’s life. But despite my wariness of the self-help genre, I found John C. Norcross’s Changeology to be one such book . . . for most of the kinds of change that people are already trying to make, Changeology will prove to be a wonderful source of assistance. It has an easy-to-follow formula based on credible research—and even this wary mental health practitioner found it helpful."
— Joseph Maldonado, MS, for

“The title says it all. This clearly written, easy to follow, and scientifically grounded guide provides a step-by-step map to effective self-improvement. Already widely known and respected in professional circles, Dr. Norcross is now sharing his work for use by everyone.”
— Gerald P. Koocher, Ph.D., ABPP

“When you are ready to move from just ‘talking the talk’ to ‘walking the walk,’ turn to Changeology. John Norcross has accomplished a rare feat—translating thirty years of sophisticated psychological research into practical, understandable, doable steps that really work for changing behavior. I recommend this book as a top choice to achieve important goals.”
— Carol D. Goodheart, Ed.D.

"Changeology draws strength from decades of impressive scientific research, much of which Dr. Norcross conducted. He manages to translate this research into very specific steps within 5 major phases . . . . Clear, user-friendly, and entertaining, recounting real-life adventures in change and sprinkling in relevant allusions ranging from classic to pop. An excellent and very useful book."
— Ken Pope, PhD

Simon & Schuster, 9781451657616, 272pp.

Publication Date: December 25, 2012

About the Author

John C. Norcross, PhD, is Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Scranton, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical College, and a board-certified clinical psychologist in part time practice. He has authored more than 300 publications and edited or co-written twenty-two professional books.

Kristin Loberg has collaborated on a lengthy list of successful books, including three #1 New York Times bestsellers, most recently The End of Illness by David B. Agus, MD.

Jonathon Norcross graduated from St. Joseph’s University, where he studied English and film. He works in the TV and film industry in New York City.