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Dangerous Passion

David M. Buss, Ph.D.


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Praise For Dangerous Passion

Steven Pinker professor of psychology, MIT, and author of Words and Rules and How the Mind Works Not so long ago jealousy was considered a pointless, archaic institution in need of reform. But like other denials of human nature from the 1960s, this bromide has not aged well. David Buss applies his usual combination of insight, humor, and indefatigable experimentation to shed light on this most fascinating and horrifying of human emotions. Find out why the rock musician who wrote "If you love somebody set them free" also wrote "Every breath you take, I'll be watching you."

Helen Fisher author of The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing the World Jealousy, infidelity, sexual desire: psychologist David Buss offers a compelling evolutionary perspective on these powerful and universal human emotions. It's a fascinating read. And along the way we are treated to an array of intriguing scientific data about other creatures, other cultures, Americans of all ages, and the differences between the sexes. This book goes a long way toward explaining the primordial underpinnings of the human heart.

Free Press, 9781451673135, 272pp.

Publication Date: November 5, 2011

About the Author

David M. Buss, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Austin, and previously taught at Harvard University and the University of Michigan. He is the author of the highly praised The Evolution of Desire and is internationally known for his expertise on sex, emotions, and the strategies of human mating. He lives in Austin, Texas.