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Machiavelli for Moms

Maxims on the Effective Governance of Children*

Suzanne Evans


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Hardcover (4/9/2013)


Running a kingdom is a lot like running a household. Or so says Suzanne Evans, who shares the story of her crazy yet brilliant year-long experiment: to "rule" one disobedient family using Machiavelli's masterwork The Prince.

A mother of four, Suzanne Evans is fed up with tantrums, misbehavior, and general household chaos. Desperate to get the upper hand, she turns to Machiavelli's famous sixteenth-century political treatise, The Prince, and wonders: Can Machiavelli's rules on warfare and statecraft be suc-cessfully applied to parenting?

Using The Prince as a guide, Evans embarks on an unlikely experiment in "power parenting" and quickly learns that Machiavellian maxims can go a long way when running a kingdom--and a household.

- Study the actions of illustrious men: How to lead by example.

- It is dangerous to be overly generous: A good ruler sets limits.

- It is better to be feared than loved: Sometimes a leader has to be a meanie to ensure the security and obedience of the people.

Heralded as a "funny, creative, new parenting guide" (, Machiavelli for Moms offers one woman's unorthodox approach to modern motherhood--and stands as a manifesto for other moms willing to act on Machiavelli's sometimes shocking but ever practical advice.

Touchstone Books, 9781451699586, 238pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2014