Geneviève (Paperback)

By Lynmar Brock Jr

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781453698594, 328pp.

Publication Date: September 28, 2011

List Price: 12.95*
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United States Navy officer, Ensign Thorp Karnin, meets a beautiful French woman named Genevieve Blondin in Naples, Italy. Genevieve's on vacation, while Thorp's ship, the USS Spencer, has just docked in poet. Captiviated by her beauty and charm, they take a quick trip to Capri before his ship leaves port. The two decide to meet up at his next free port in The Mediterranean. The lovers meet again in Cannes, France, but Thorp's ship again goes to sea. Genevieve attempts to keep up her good spirits, but senses that she is pregnant with Thorp's child. She loses hope as news spreads of the USS Spencer's collision with a British merchant ship. The crash results in serious damage and many lives lost. The USS Spencer barely makes it to the port in Gibralter, where Thorp writes to Genevieve countless times. Before he can find his love in Cannes, Genevieve turns to drastic measures that will change her life and their relationship forever. While "Genevieve" is fiction, Brock's experiences in the United States Navy are not. He hopes to entertain readers with the dramatic love story and his military background. "Genevieve" is available for sale online at and other channels. "Genevieve has more action than most movies. The loud crash of the Spencer's collision, Genevieve's heartbreak and tough choice - and the story's conclusion - all echo far beyond the last page." ForeWord Clarion Reviews.