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Cover for Mystical Medleys

Mystical Medleys

A Vintage Cartoon Tarot

Gary Hall


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A tarot deck inspired by the iconic vintage cartoons of the 1930s. If you love Betty Boop, Steamboat Willie, and rubber-hose animation, this is the deck for you
A delightful take on an ancient tradition, Mystical Medleys brings a bit of lighthearted fun and playful energy to the tarot. It's ideal for occultists of all varieties, animation and cinema buffs, and lovers of all things vintage

Sterling Publishing (NY), 9781454944263

Publication Date: December 14, 2021

About the Author

Gary Hall (Nemons) is a pop-culture occultist with a lifelong obsession with animation, video games, heavy metal, and anything else a geeky nerd would love! After 15 long years, he escaped the clutches of video game design and set off to create his own pop-culture empire!