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Read This Before Our Next Meeting (Digital Audiobook)

How We Can Get More Done

By Al Pittampalli, Al Pittampalli (Narrator)

Publication Date: August 2, 2011

Other Editions of This Title:
MP3 CD (1/5/2016)
Hardcover (9/15/2015)
Compact Disc (8/3/2011)


Traditional meetings are a weapon of mass interruption. Long live the Modern Meeting!

The average American office worker spends eleven hours in meetings every week. Yet all that time sitting around a conference table hasn’t made us more productive. If anything, meetings have made work worse.

Traditional meetings reduce efficiency, kill urgency, and breed compromise and complacency. Worst of all, our dysfunctional meeting culture changes how we focus, what we focus on, and what decisions we make.

But there is a solution, a way to have fewer, shorter, more purposeful meetings. It’s called the Modern Meeting Standard. By following its eight simple but radical principles you may never have to attend a useless meeting again.

Read This Before Our Next Meeting is the call to action you (and your boss) need.