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Cover for I've Told Someone

I've Told Someone

A Transgendered Tale

Tricia Dale


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It has taken me just over two years, a tremendous amount of determination and commitment and lots and lots of practice to become the person I am today. I knew I was getting there when I was walking in the local neighborhood about a year ago. I passed a gang of young children playing in the street. I carried on walking and heard the pitter patter of tiny footsteps behind me. A little girl, around six years old, patted me on the backside.Excuse me, but youre not a real girl are you?I put my perfectly manicured finger to my lips. Sssshhh, dont tell anyone.I carried on walking. As I turned the corner a shrill voice shrieked outIve told someone. Instead of being offended I burst out laughing.Ive since dressed on coaches, trains, buses and trams. Ive dressed in Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Blackpool, Carlisle and London. Ive even been round the Houses of Parliament dressed. The world awaits, but is it ready?At weekends I live in a flat in South Manchester with no gas or electricity; my long dresses hang in an upright open coffin. Im therefore well aware that money cant buy happiness, but being true to yourself can. I am also the pied, or more likely pie-eyed piper of Manchester. A few weeks ago in Piccadilly Gardens a girl wasnt sure about me so I gave her a wink.Are you a girl or a boy? she askedIm a girl of course. I knew my voice would give me away. What I didnt realise was that she was with her mates. Luckily for me they were lovely, polite kids. They followed me shopping asking me questions all the while. We went into Evans to look for shoes. When I came out I was amazed to see there were more kids waiting for me. I now had about ten teenagers following me. There had obviously been some texting going on. Eventually the inevitable happened.Tricia, do you mind if I ask a very personal question?Of course not, but I may choose not to answer.The girl put her hand to her a mouth in embarrassment. Do you sleep with men? and gave a girly giggle.No I dont honey, Ive told you Im a girl . men sleep with me.

Authorhouse, 9781456785970, 512pp.

Publication Date: January 3, 2014

About the Author

Born, aged fifty, in a hotel room in Manchester, England during 2008; Tricia Dale knew she had to grow fast. All her life she had a secret; a secret she desperately wanted to share but was too frightened to do so. This now had to be the time, her time, the time to reveal all to anybody who asks and everybody she knows. It would be the hardest thing he had ever done but I had to do it. It was part of her and part of me. Life is dangerous but it is also such fun. And she just loves living it because shes got balls!