The Alabaster Roses (Paperback)

By Phk Schoeffner

Authorhouse, 9781456797447, 400pp.

Publication Date: November 2, 2011

List Price: 23.95*
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"It begins with three siblings and his elder cousin, being in a wood where there are some strange black flowers. Their cousin told them the legend of the magician Schoenboeck, who brought those flowers with their curse: "who smells one of those flowers will fall in a deep dream." The only cure that exists is some kind of roses that only the magician owns: alabaster roses that keep deeply in his castle Drachrosenstein. Unfortunately, the smallest sister, that is about six years old, caught some of those flowers when the others were not looking at her and fall in a deep dream and nobody was able to awake her. The other two brothers decide to look for that alabaster rose and get into a new world, a magic new world where there was given a locket by the old man that meet at the entrance gate. That locket owns the magician and they need it to get to Schoenboeck, the Dragon's Master. If they need help, they can use the locket to get some. But they have to keep carefully the locket because, if they lose it, they will not be able to get Schoenboeck's castle and nobody is going to give them another one. Gorkievich, the dark magician, wants to get that locket in order to invade the whole magician world and get it under his dark control. Therefore, he will try his best to get it from the children. Both siblings will get in a magic adventure with dragons, deserts, woods, caves, mirrors, labyrinths and all kind of characters. The way is not going to be easy...