2079 (Paperback)

A War for Brain Enhancement

By Donald P. Robin

Dog Ear Publishing, 9781457561931, 224pp.

Publication Date: March 12, 2018

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This fast-paced thriller set in the year 2079 continues the futuristic story begun in the novel Libator (2013), about a secretive, highly advanced nation carved out of southern Somalia. Four years after the events of the first novel, the country's leaders are shocked when Iranian Al Quds agents kidnap fifty young children from daycare centers in a bid to extort the secrets of brain enhancement from Libatoran scientists. To retrieve the children, Libator sends a five-person team of enhanced humans, all specially adapted for high intelligence, language skills, hand-to-hand combat, and heightened sensory perception. The team includes Stephanie Li and John Thompson, who must avoid capture by Iranian intelligence agents and infiltrate a fortress-like uranium enrichment facility in order to rescue the children who are being held hostage--including their own three-year-old son, David. In the background looms the prospect of all-out war between Iran's Revolutionary Guard and the robot army of Libator.Donald P. Robin, former professor of business ethics at Wake Forest University, is the author of two science fiction novels, five nonfiction books, and numerous academic articles. He also holds degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration. In his novels, he incorporates the knowledge gained from his lifelong interest in neuroscience, military weapons technology, and philosophy of science.