Islam and North America (Paperback)

Loving our Muslim Neighbors

By Micah Fries (Editor), Keith Whitfield (Editor)

B&H Academic, 9781462748419, 208pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2018

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Love your Muslim neighbors.

Motivated by a deep-rooted conviction that the North American church needs to be equipped for this important task, Micah Fries and Keith Whitfield have gathered a group of experts who are deeply invested in successful outreach to their Muslim neighbors. Unlike many resources that explore the topic of Islam as a dominant religion in the Middle East, Islam and North America focuses on the presence of Islam here in North America. Answering questions about the commonalities between Christians and Muslims, freedom of worship, the Quran, and Sharia law, this book will equip North American Christians to think about Islam theologically and missionally, engage their Muslim neighbors hospitably, and encourage readers to find new opportunities for missional engagement in their own backyards.

About the Author

Micah Fries is senior pastor of Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Keith Whitfield is associate professor of Christian theology, dean of graduate studies, and vice president for academic administration at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. 

Praise For Islam and North America: Loving our Muslim Neighbors

“I try to relate well to Muslim tech workers, restaurant managers, Uber drivers, and students in my city, but in my ignorance, I only get so far. Islam and North America helps me with next steps for knowing, understanding, and loving these neighbors. I am so grateful for the hopefulness, wisdom and the wide perspectives of these authors.”
—Linda Bergquist, church planting catalyst, North American Mission Board
“The authors of Islam and North America have not only read about Islam, they have lived intentionally to minister to Muslims in North America and around the world. This book is the product of their wisdom and experience and will serve anyone who wants to reach those in their community. As we gain a better understanding of this important group, my prayer is that a growing number of believers will befriend and share the gospel with their Muslim neighbors.”
—Kevin Ezell, president, North American Mission Board
 “The peoples of Islam comprise the most promising mission field in the world today, and those who want to be on the front lines of God’s greatest work will be engaging with Muslims. As Micah Fries and Keith Whitfield show us, God has brought the front lines to our back door. They have compiled some of our generation’s brightest evangelical minds to show us how we can effectively with them. This is an insightful and helpful work at an opportune time. I am excited to commend it.”
—J.D. Greear, president, Southern Baptist Convention, and pastor, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, NC
“The Great Commandment is easy to assent to but difficult to live out, especially in our rapidly changing communities. Micah Fries and Keith Whitfield have provided a timely, helpful, and practical book on how to love some of our least known North American neighbors, Muslims. They have done a masterful job of assembling scholars, practitioners, and multiple former Muslims to help us get to better know our Muslim neighbors in order to meaningfully love them.”
—Greg Mathias, assistant professor of global studies, associate director, Center for Great Commission Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“The Christian encounter with Islam is one of the most pressing realities faced by the church today. Micah Fries and Keith Whitfield bring together much needed resources in this single volume—combining pastoral insight and scholarship. This book is a timely contribution that will greatly serve Christian leaders and congregations.”
—R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
“God is moving in the 21st century to fulfill His mission in unprecedented ways. The gospel is penetrating previously unreached people groups and church growth is accelerating around the world. The world of Islam seems to be the remaining formidable barrier for fulfilling the Great Commission. Yet God, as sovereign over the nations, is moving in amazing ways in using globalization, persecution and political disruption to bring masses of Muslims to America. Islam and North America is valuable tool to help churches and individual Christians understand Islam and how to reach them for Christ in the new sociological context of our own community. Written by an array of seasoned missiologists, and those with cross-cultural witnessing experience, this book will equip Christians to build relationships and seize the privilege of extending the kingdom of God to those long resistant to the gospel.”
—Jerry Rankin, president emeritus, International Mission Board, senior fellow, Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies