Rage Against Society (Paperback)

By D. M. Hucks

Authorhouse, 9781463407902, 732pp.

Publication Date: November 4, 2016

List Price: 29.95*
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This is a story about the future; not a sci-fi future as one may automatically presume, but America's future. The nation is going crazy The President has been assassinated. The government is confiscating our children and locking them away in rehabilitation camps. The Western United States--now known as the FreeStates--is ready to declare war; but they're not the only ones.

After a successful escape from a rehab camp in Ohio, a group of adolescents high tail it for the nearest FreeState; only to find themselves trapped in a department store...with hostages

A Civil War between the remnants of America and the FreeStates is ensuing Alliances are falling apart everywhere and one boy holds the key to ending it all...IF he can withstand the pressure

Struggling with his own inner-conflictions, Travis King holds a secret--a dark secret. As that secret begins to unravel in his life it holds him prisoner within his very existence. The shadows of his past along with the voices in his head are treading on dangerous ground and Travis may not have enough Faith to hold on for much longer....