Zero Time (Paperback)

By Kenneth D. Reimer

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781466475021, 282pp.

Publication Date: October 25, 2014

List Price: 12.99*
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Thirty-three years from today, a beautiful young artist will take a job at the MacLean Toy Company. She will start paying off her student loan. She will fall in love, and she will begin to travel through time. When the employees of a toy company uncover a dusty and oddly wired mechanical monkey that enables them to travel through time, one of their team witnesses a terrible truth and spirals into madness. His companions are compelled to track him through an increasingly dangerous space-time continuum, where their efforts are sabotaged by a mysterious stranger from the distant region of Zero Time. They must act now, but they feel transfixed by questions. In the quest to save their friend, will they too fall prey to the force that has driven him insane? What is the true nature of the entity that they sense lurking in the continuum? And finally, does the killer who hunts them also hold the key to their salvation? Although they can travel through time, time itself is running out . . . .

About the Author

Kenneth D. Reimer lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is married to Lisa Powell, who edits everything he writes. They share a love for wandering the globe, and their home is decorated with artifacts that document their explorations. A love of literature is the passion that has shaped Kenneth's life. He has three degrees, including a Masters in English; however, his education as a writer came at the hands of Lovecraft, Hemingway, and Robert E. Howard. As a literary artist, his works challenge categorization, ranging from horror to dystopian fiction, and from travel writing to poetry. Ultimately, it is the novel that provides him with the most effective platform for his ideas.