Jihad Genocide: The Last Jihad (Paperback)

The Last Jihad

By MR Ted Habib

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781468040845, 212pp.

Publication Date: December 6, 2011



KIRKUS REVIEWS- Habib's debut political thriller explores the nature of religious extremism, detailing the gathering threat it poses to America and its unsuspecting allies. Purportedly based on a true story, this complex tale follows Samuel Joseph from his troubled, abuse-addled infancy in India to his prosperous adulthood in the United States. Samuel undergoes a youthful spiritual awakening, eventually converting from Islam to Christianity. His siblings' fanatical commitment to killing non-Muslims leads to the endless, macabre abuse of Samuel, his mother and his wife. The narrative centers on a labyrinthine plot to destroy the U.S.-and much of the world-by inserting undetectable explosive devices into the breasts and buttocks of female suicide bombers as well as releasing a deadly virus through a variety of means. Threaded through this, Habib offers a quasi-journalistic account of the history of modern jihad, replete with scholarly reflections on the allegedly bellicose message of the Quran. Initially, readers may be impatient for the novel to begin, having waded through an opening prayer, a dedication, a foreword, a preface and an introduction. When it does kick off, the story leaps back and forth in time. The narrative occasionally addresses readers directly to provide commentary, entreat the U.S. government to foil the impending attack on its soil, or solicit help from readers in rescuing Samuel's mother from her captors. The book is most effective when describing Samuel's spiritual maturation as he discovers tolerance and love in a world darkened by contempt for difference.

About the Author

Samuel Josef, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity. While unaware of his conversion, Samuel's brothers and sisters had tried with clandestine ease, to conscript him into the deadly fold of a group of hotheaded and bloodthirsty Jihadists. Samuel Josef presently lives in the United States with his life in constant danger because of an RFID tracking chip indelibly implanted in his body by the Jihadists. Samuel's story, however, is bigger and more horrifying than what he has personally suffered under the fiendish hands of his personal terrorists. Marshalling information that he gathered while he was still believed to be a Muslim, Samuel Josef unravels an impending high-tech Jihad genocide targeted at the United States of America and the rest of the West.