The Tooth Fairy: Parents, Lovers, and Other Wayward Deities (Hardcover)

Parents, Lovers, and Other Wayward Deities

By Clifford Chase

Overlook Press, 9781468306958, 246pp.

Publication Date: February 6, 2014



There are his aging parents, whose disagreements sharpen as their health declines; and his beloved brother, lost tragically to AIDS; and his long-term boyfriend--always present, but always kept at a distance. There is also the revelatory, joyful music of the B-52s, Chase's sexual confusion in his twenties, and more recently, the mysterious appearance in his luggage of weird objects from Iran the year his mother died. In the midst of all this is Chase's singular voice--incisive, wry, confiding, by turns cool or emotional, always engaging. The way this book is written--in pitch-perfect fragments--is crucial to Chase's deeper message: that we experience and remember in short bursts of insight, terror, comedy, and love. As ambitious in its form as it is in its radical candor, The Tooth Fairy is the rare memoir that can truly claim to rethink the genre.

About the Author

Clifford Chase is the author of the cult classic novel "Winkie." He is also the author of a memoir, "The Hurry-Up Song," and edited the anthology "Queer 13: Lesbian & Gay Writers Recall Seventh Grade." His writing has appeared in publications ranging from "" to "Yale Review" to "McSweeney s." He lived in New York City and Sharon, Connecticut, and teaches at Wesleyan University."