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Cover for Devils or Angels (the Collection)

Devils or Angels (the Collection)

Dan Roberson


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Enter my world where demons and angels cross borders and change identities, where tricks can happen from either side, and where angels can be mean and devils can be nice. It is a place where love and hate exist side by side. Enter and make your choices. Each of us during our lifetime encounters angels and demons. There is little to distinguish the two because demons and/or angels can be in the form of adult or child, man or woman, a healthy person or a disabled one. It is their actions that finally show which side of the spiritual battle they're on.

During a human's lifetime he/she makes choices which determine which group he is allied with. Should the choices be vile or consistently bad then that individual might be classified a demon. If he or she makes more good choices he might be considered an angel.

In the eyes of other humans what kind of actions would make a person an angel or a demon? Does it take a preponderance of actions to decide the case? If a person makes a terrible mistake is she a demon for the rest of her life or is it merely a learning experience? If one great action is done is the performer then considered an angel? Perhaps it is not the action but the motive behind the action that determines whether a person is considered a devil or angel. In the collection, Demons or Angels, choices are being made. The reader should decide whether each character is good or evil at the conclusion of the story. Is there enough evidence to convict him or her of being a demon or angel? Behind each character the motives to do good or evil exists. Should his/her slate be wiped clean if she/he does an opposing action of equal value?

iUniverse, 9781475955637, 72pp.

Publication Date: October 17, 2012