Whims, Wits, and Whiskers: A Californian Pet Tale (Hardcover)

A Californian Pet Tale

By Sieglinde C. Othmer

iUniverse, 9781475961515, 162pp.

Publication Date: November 19, 2012



At a family reunion in sunny California, seven cousins-five dogs and two cats-are brought together for the first time. Despite their many obvious differences, the seven are determined to get along. After getting to know each other a little better, the seven find inspiration in their diversity and decide to work together toward a common goal: art. Each discovers a unique talent, and they start planning. They're going to team up, pool their resources, and go on tour enjoying the experience of life as artists sharing their special talents with the world.

But things aren't as simple as they seem, and the seven cousins are forced to really stretch their limits in order to make their way. It takes more than sheer determination, but with high spirits and a little help from the universe in the form of a hummingbird charm, they find that anything is possible.

Conflict erupts, but serendipity shines as this contemporary fable about animal wisdom, resilience, and creativity unfolds.