The Hamlock World (Paperback)

An Odyssey Through Life, Death and Eternity

By Arne P. Thomassen

Authorhouse UK, 9781477229781, 336pp.

Publication Date: September 13, 2012

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THE HAMLOCK WORLD The fi nal darkness may never come Roger falls unprepared into a strange world where everything is possible. There he observes the direct reason for his fall; Brainwashers building a worldwide empire led by a stray war robot from a distant sun. Realizing the need for countermeasures, Roger faces his ulti mate choice. "I have accepted the warning from my future ego. To fulfi ll the Sky-Drive project in 2020 would have been like giving a nuclear bomb to a bunch of crazy cannibals, letti ng a blind fool (that's me) fumble with the trigger device. Instead, I have been called upon to advocate a spiritual refi ning to people that sti ll keep on slaughtering each other without really knowing why. Actually, I do not exist so they can't kill me. I somehow died but was given a second chance. This is a wake-up call. You see? I was Roger Hamlock.