Tristan and the Kruger Millions (Hardcover)

By Glen Greenway

Authorhouse, 9781477242094, 188pp.

Publication Date: November 12, 2012



Tristan Jones is a troubled, frustrated boy who has to battle with his own personal demons. He is sent to a traditional boarding school in South Africa, where he has to live without the loving influence of his mother. He soon finds that he is bullied and victimized by ghastly forces of evil. At the same time he is empowered by supernatural witch doctors to fight for good against the chilling nightmarish forces that haunt him. With his girlfriend, Storm, and outlandish pal, Bongani, Tristan is grabbed by the throat and yanked along for a hell of a scary spellbinding ride with all the compulsion of a thriller set in the hostile wilds of Africa. With chance meetings with man-eating sharks, charging rhinos, and lightning storms that flay the parched earth, Tristan's story is so surprising and strange that it leaps into an enchanting realm of its own. Encounters with chilling ghosts, the mysterious Kruger Millions, thrilling legends, hideous Egyptian cobras, dark monsters, and slavering wild dogs make for a spellbinding read from first page to last.