The Teacher and Me (Paperback)

By Dennis R. Zinner

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781477401811, 348pp.

Publication Date: December 21, 2009

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The Teacher and Me by Dennis Zinner tells a visionary and inspiring story of self-discovery, personal growth, mindfulness, and mystical transcendence. Following up his 2004, nonfiction success Taking the Quantum Leap to Happiness, author Zinner has created a masterful and poignant fictional tale that ranks with the best in contemporary fiction. Fred, the protagonist, meets a spiritual teacher who takes us on an extraordinary journey. He was a computer genius who loved his job, his wife, and his life. Except Fred lived in denial and the journey that awaited him promises to expose the real chaos that was his life. One day, on his way to work, he gets irresistibly drawn into an old-time revival tent that appears out of nowhere and there meets a spiritual teacher who helps him embark on an adventure in self-discovery. Fred is invited to look at his life, his "I Ams", where upon he discovers he has been using his job, alcohol, and non-committed relationships to hide from a meaningful life. Along the way Fred meets a beautiful redhead, Dorothy, who helps him sort through the experiences that the teacher is bringing forth. Because Dorothy has already accepted to walk the path of self-discovery, she is able to offer Fred her guidance. Fred's spiritual teacher is privy to secret teachings, which were given to him by the Earth Council, a spiritual body overseeing the planet. The teacher shares these teachings with Fred, but in the end only Fred can be the one to make the choice to transcend life, as he knows it, or continue down the road of same ol' same ol'. Along the way Fred encounters a group who is out for worldly control. This group, the Paranormal Studies Institute, tries to discourage the population of the world to turn away from a spiritual life because a carnal life increases profits. It is also trying to capture the Teacher and other members of the Earth Council to siphon off their psychic energies to give immortality to the leaders of the institute. If you loved The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, or The Celestine Prophecy, then you will marvel at the lyrical and inspirational writing of this fresh new voice on the visionary prose genre scene. Written with pathos and humor, The Teacher and Me is sure to please fiction buffs of every strip, but especially those searching for the deeper side of life.

About the Author

Dennis Zinner has a strong interest in holistic health and metaphysics. He attended Palmer Chiropractic College West and graduated in 1992. He was in practice in San Francisco, California for twelve years before moving to California's Central Valley with his wife, Marilyn. Ever the seeker, he became actively involved in the New Age Movement in the 1980's when he led workshops, spiritual retreats and published the Free Spirit Newspaper in Denver, Colorado. In 2004 Robert D. Reed Publishers published his non-fiction metaphysics book, Taking the Quantum Leap to Happiness.