Twentieth Century Limited: Book One - Age of Heroes (Paperback)

Book One - Age of Heroes

By Jan David Blais

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781477598375, 636pp.

Publication Date: October 10, 2012



Vietnam vet Paul Bernard overcomes disabling injuries to become an award-winning journalist and television newsman. Known for holding a mirror to American society and long critical of the radical right, after 9-11 Bernard attacks the Bush administration for Osama bin Laden's escape and leading the nation into a disastrous war. On assignment in Iraq, Bernard is killed under suspicious circumstances. Interwoven with the account of his life is an interview of his friend and mentor, Professor Augustus F.X. Flynn, by a magazine writer profiling Bernard. Frustrated by Washington’s inaction, the two set out to find the truth about the killing.

Book One tells of Paul Bernard’s coming of age, his Canadian immigrant roots, the patriotism and religious intensity of the early years. Then through the devastation of Vietnam to recovery and return, immersion in the New York newspaper scene. Twentieth Century Limited Book Two - Age of Reckoning, continues and completes the story.

About the Author

Jan David Blais is a writer, attorney and aviation consultant. The airline story, FLIGHT PATH, was his first novel. His second novel, TWENTIETH CENTURY LIMITED, is in two Books: BOOK ONE - AGE OF HEROES and BOOK TWO - AGE OF RECKONING.