Ghost Time (Hardcover)

By Courtney Eldridge

Skyscape, 9781477816578, 1pp.

Publication Date: June 11, 2013



Thea Denny hates the tenth grade, and her home life isn't easy. But she's passionate about making art--and about her math-genius boyfriend, Cam, a recent transfer to her upstate New York high school from California.

One day Cam mysteriously vanishes--and then things really get weird. The stars on the school flag go missing, eerily cut out.

Intimate videos of Cam and Thea start going viral online--videos they never took. The FBI gets involved. And Thea can hear the voice of Melody--a beautiful, disabled girl her age, whose illness has left her mute since birth.

Cam once claimed to be the world's foremost hacker.... Is he trying to reach her, send her a sign--or is Thea losing her mind?