Sawdust (Paperback)

By Robert C. Winkles

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781478364351, 362pp.

Publication Date: November 29, 2012

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Supernatural phenomena erupt from spiritual hotspots around the globe as Washington State experiences a devastating 9.0 earthquake causing wormholes between the known Universe and an alternate dimension created from the remnants of the Big Bang left behind on the temporal fabric. Separated by a narrow margin in time, this alternate Universe developed much the same way as its counterpart. Complete with solar systems that include planets occupied by creatures of the dark, these evil entities make a bid for the human soul as a means of survival. Every 1,000 years their world and ours collide, opening portals on both ends. In the past the demons were disorganized, but now the civil war on their world is over and the demon lord and his minions are stronger than ever and hell bent on destroying mankind. After an angelic visitation, Father Ardito Moretti and his chosen disciples delivered upon him by divine assistance must travel the globe in search of an ancient means to stop the timeless evil that has invaded their world. Imparted with the holy power and directed by an alien race, these unlikely crusaders of the Lord scramble to uncover forgotten remnants of an era when early man engaged these same demons before in an epic battle between good and evil. Will they succeed in their holy quest? Can the chosen ones stop the demon king and his legions before they tear down the Gates of Hell? Find out in Sawdust.

About the Author

Born in South Carolina, Robert Winkles attended Clemson University and Coker College where he studied biology, chemistry, and genetics. Using a love for science fiction combined with his education, he creates a storyline that is both astounding and plausible as he delves into cutting edge theories regarding astrophysics, quantum mechanics and the mysteries of mankind's past. Married to Marjorie Winkles, Mr. Winkles has two children and five grandchildren. The second novel of many, Robert Winkles is sure to delight the serious science fiction fan for years to come as he continues to craft unique storylines for his readers.