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Cover for On the Nature and Origin of Time, Space, Gravity and Reality

On the Nature and Origin of Time, Space, Gravity and Reality

Jonathan P. Sumber Dpm


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This book is an in depth expose' of a system of physics, in which the atom is integrated within a more inclusive hybrid building block that combines dark energy and electromagnetic energy together within one system of physics that creates all the matter and the spacetime of our universe. The nature and the origin of matter, space, time, gravity, inertia, kinetic energy, and even consciousness are explained from within this hybrid system of physics, allowing the large-scale and the small-scale to be unified within it. To understand how the universe started out from an event that created the passage of time and three-dimensions of space out of a state where time passage and the three-dimensions of space did not previously exist, we must first come to understand the nature of other levels of order and dimensions that exist beyond the boundaries of our perceived essence. This work explores some of those levels of order and dimensionalities that exist outside of our universe, while also revealing how these other dimensionalities take part in creating aspects of our universe as well as of our consciousness that we have not yet come to identify. If you've wondered how it is that the universe functions as it does on the large-scale level within the parameters of time and space as to the provisions of special and general relativity, while quantum particles have been shown to disobey many of those laws, this work will reveal a system of physics that bridges the gap between the large-scale and the small-scale as well as between time and space, which makes sense out of what had previously seemed to be a paradox.

Outskirts Press, 9781478775102, 216pp.

Publication Date: April 30, 2016