The Art of Space Management (Paperback)

By Roni Oren

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781479192076, 168pp.

Publication Date: September 27, 2012

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'The Art of Space Management' by Roni Oren is a book written by a manager for managers. This book presents a contemporary model designed to face the dramatic changes in economics culture and society. When the organization faces the chaotic, frenzy business environment, when culture and civilization changes its shape and individuals want much more freedom to influence and make a difference, the manager role has to change. What the organization need more than ever is constant management of its targets, structure and anxieties. Oren identified five key elements which determine the effectiveness of the organizational space. Targets, Boundaries and Degrees of Freedom construct the organizational space and processes of Holding and Containing provide the psycho-social support the organization need. Oren is leading us through the analysis of the five elements and through many examples taken from his varied experience to demonstrate how managing the organizational space through these five elements can reduce the need for control, release energy, increase innovation and creativity in the organizational space and improve results dramatically. While presenting different perception of the managerial mission Roni Oren introduces new typology of two management styles, the functional one and the mythological one. This tow styles represent the tendency of the manager to encourage independency and growth in the organizational space or dependency and obedience. The last chapter of the book presents two organizational stories from Roni's experience in his latest position as VP Human Resources at 'yes' satellite Television Company. The first one is the story of rebuilding the HR section of the company and the second one is the story of the project of Organizational Development of sales department, which results with increase of sales by 40%. The Human Resources section of 'yes' won recognition of Excellency for the OD project by the Israeli Center for Management. The author, Roni Oren have more than twenty years of experience of HR top management position including international experience with Soda Stream Group as Head Of HR. Oren is a graduate of Tel Aviv University in Psychology and Philosophy and graduate of joint Hebrew University Institute for Freud Studies and OFEK Association program of Psychoanalytical - structural Organizational Consulting, Working now as a Organizational and HR consultant on the international scene.

About the Author

The author, Roni Oren, was born in Tel Aviv in 1956. His high school education was in agriculture boarding school which had an important impact of his view of the world. He served in the Israeli army and as a 19 years soldier took leading part in establishing new settlement in the Arava Valley between the Dead Sea and the Acaba Gulf. After his regular service in the Army, Oren took few years for exploring his interest in Art and then started his formal education. He graduated Tel Aviv University in Psychology and Philosophy, and a graduated the joint Hebrew University Institute for Freud Studies and OFEK Association program in Psychoanalytical Organizational Consulting. During more the 20 years of managerial career as VP of Human Resources in Leading companies in Israel such as Chemicals LTD. Soda Stream and 'yes' satellite Television, he combined unique ways of management and business approach in every organizational move. In his last employment period as VP HR of 'yes' satellite Television Oren won recognition for excellent HR management by the 'Israeli Center of Management'. Before moving on to a new career step as an Organizational consultant and top management coacher, Roni Oren took a break for accomplishing two of his dreams. He exhibited his painting in two solo exhibitions and participated in three group exhibitions - the last one took place in Paris, and wrote the book 'The art of space management'. Since then Oren is working as a consultant with companies in Germany, Moscow and Israel.