How the tortoise got his shell (Paperback)

By Brigitta Schwulst

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781479260904, 32pp.

Publication Date: November 15, 2012

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In a time before tortoises have shells, Thomas the Tortoise's king is sick Thomas is told that in order to heal the king, he needs to have some gigantic nuts crushed. So it's up to him and his friends Victor the Vulture and Wilma the Warthog to save his majesty. However, the nuts are so big, and none of the animals are strong enough to crush them. They have to somehow convince grumpy old Edward the Elephant to help them on their important mission. When Edward refuses to help, it's Thomas's turn to spring into action and show how clever he really is. With time working against them, Thomas hatches a brilliant plan to get Edward to unknowingly help save the king. As a reward for his service, he is given a very special gift that will protect him and all tortoises to come. How the Tortoise Got His Shell is a delightful new African folk-tale by Brigitta E. Schwulst that reads like a perfect bedtime story for young children. Illustrated in a unique fashion that elicits a distinct African style, the images serve as a great companion to Thomas's entertaining journey. This lighthearted and amusing bedtime story teaches young readers the importance of using their brains. While some children may be bigger than others, everyone can be clever in their own way. Thomas's adventure shows children how to come up with solutions in the face of adversity, and that even when others don't believe in you, it's important to believe in yourself. Using exotic animals and a playful tone, How the Tortoise Got His Shell engages children into Thomas's adventure from the very beginning. With a wittiness that has universal appeal, it will be a story that children will love and parents will enjoy reading. Furthermore, the story educates children and parents on the importance of supporting endangered species by donating part of the proceeds from the book to organizations specific to the cause. In the end, Thomas's tale is a fantastic story about using your brain and believing in yourself that is great for all young children. Filled with colorful characters and a positive message, Thomas's exciting adventure is truly a treat for the whole family.

About the Author

Brigitta Schwulst is a long-time animal lover, painter, and writer. However, writing for children has always been her first love. She has long believed that bedtime stories are some of the most precious memories a child can have, and she has always felt honored to be a part of them. With that in mind and with an interest in bringing support and awareness to the fight to save endangered species, Schwulst wrote and illustrated How the Tortoise Got His Shell. A lifelong writer and poet who studied English in college, she has had poetry published in an anthology of South African poems.