Society: Progress and Force: Criteria and First Principles (Paperback)

Progress and Force: Criteria and First Principles

By Alex Battler

Createspace, 9781480008250, 376pp.

Publication Date: March 2, 2013


About the Author

Alex Battler - professor of political science, economics, and international relations, and widely known under the pen name Oleg Arin - is a Marxist Canadian scholar and political writer whose interests encompass a wide range of social and natural sciences disciplines. Battler is the author of a number of laws and regularities in the areas of philosophy, sociology, and the theory of international relations. The most important among them is a new ontological interpretation of the category of force presented in the monograph Dialectics of Force. The category of ontological force has allowed him to develop a new definition of the concept of progress in his monograph, Society: Progress and Force (Criteria and First Principles). In his monograph The 21st Century: The World without Russia, Battler formulated laws in geoeconomics and in geostrategy - the law of poles and the law of center of power, respectively. He also introduced the concept of the foreign policy potential of a nation-state and a methodology for computing it, as well as the optimal expenditure ratios for that policy.