Rogue Berserker (The Berserker Series) (Digital Audiobook)

By Fred Saberhagen, Paul Michael Garcia (Narrator)

Publication Date: October 11, 2009

Other Editions of This Title:
Mass Market (6/1/2006)
MP3 CD (12/1/2009)
Compact Disc (2/1/2013)
Compact Disc (12/1/2009)


ROGUE: (1) A deceitful, double-dealing evildoer. (2) A fierce elephant or stamodont that has been banished from the herd. (3) Having a peculiarly malevolent or unstable nature. (4) No longer loyal, affiliated, or recognized, and hence not governable or accountable. Erring, apostate. (Galactic Dictionary of the Common Tongue). Harry Silver has already had a lifetime of trouble from ordinary Berserkers, the automated killing machines programmed an age ago to denude the galaxy of life. But now one of these machines has gone rogue-and kidnapped his own family. What worse devilry will a deviant killing machine attempt? How will he stop it? And even if he can, will he ever see his family alive again?