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The Watchers

End of Paradise

J. Bernhardt


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Hardcover (8/5/2013)


Lust is evil and is as old as time in-memoriam. It is for this reason that Cain kills his only brother Abel. Cain covets God's sanction so much that he is willing to do this most evil of deeds. Lust spawns jealousy and jealousy gives way to murder. After the banishment from Eden, Satan again slowly and methodically deceives the sons of Seth, the 'Sons of Heaven' into desiring the beautiful women, the descendants of Cain. The two-hundred 'Sons of Heaven' constantly peer over the mountain ledges using their acute eyesight to covet the mortal women below. S m az z, the leader of the two-hundred Watcher men cannot resist his desires any longer and swears by the holy mountain thus forever giving it the name Hermon to descend the mountain and have his way with the women below. The rest of the Watcher men join his allegiance, swear by the holy mountain, and link up with S m az z in his descent into debauchery. The two-hundred ignore Enoch's counsel and swoop down onto the weaker human men handily defeating them. As their reward, the Watcher men take as their new wives all the females whom they desire. They teach the women of Cain how to make beautiful fine jewelry, sensual clothing made of fine linens and makeup to accentuate their skin. To the men of Cain that the 'sons of Heaven' have subdued they teach the art of metal smithying and the making of instruments of war. Then they train and ready them for battle against each other. Like a sport, the Watchers wager on the outcome.

Authorhouse, 9781481779036, 272pp.

Publication Date: August 5, 2013