An Adventure with Doogleby (Paperback)

By Ruth L. Ferguson

Partridge Singapore, 9781482830576, 32pp.

Publication Date: March 10, 2015

List Price: 22.35*
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Doogleby is a space alien who loves nothing more than taking his friend, Tom, on nighttime adventures. One night when Doogleby taps on Tom's window to wake him up, he knows that this adventure is going to be special. After Doogleby turns on the propeller on the top of his hat, he and Tom soar into the night sky. Soon, they pass Wispy Cloud and the Man in the Moon on their way to visit Doogleby's friends on Stardust Land where they eat glitter cakes, drink sparkling lemonade, and play tuneful whistles with the Sparklemus family. But when Doogleby's propeller fails to start, Tom cannot help but worry that he will not make it home before his mum discovers he is missing. An Adventure with Doogleby is the delightful tale of a space alien and a little boy as they embark on a spectacular journey through the clouds and past the stars-all with the promise of getting one of them home for breakfast.