Lastborn (Paperback)

A Phantasmagorical Tale

By Prudence Brown Lev

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781491003312, 252pp.

Publication Date: April 16, 2014

List Price: 12.75*
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A huge comet enters Earth's atmosphere at a blistering 67,000 miles an hour. It is a cosmic bomb of epic proportions, destined to snuff out 97 percent of all earthlings, both plant and animal.

As a fact-driven narrative of history's legendary Fifth Extinction, Lastborn delivers this year's publishing hat trick: a real life apocalypse, mind-boggling special effects, and an improbable hero--a dinosaur.

Lastborn is an unusual youngster. He's inherited a set of traits known as the Gift, which includes an oversized brain, extra-sharp senses, and odd-colored eyes and skin. To the others, he's a freak. He might have spent all his days as an outcast, but for the special delivery from outer space.

When the ground explodes beneath them and the sky catches fire overhead, the dinosaurs' known world is dramatically altered. In this time of desperation, the Gift could mean the difference between survival and extinction. Lastborn has the ability to guide his tribe through the cataclysm, but only if they let him.

About the Author

Prudence Brown Lev's writing career includes stints as a reporter for "Newsday," a staff writer for "New York Magazine," editor of "Connecticut Magazine," and a contributor to regional publications of Audubon and the Nature Conservancy. She was also director of corporate communications for Grey Advertizing. While living on a farm in Westchester County with her husband, five horses, and a revolving collection of cats and dogs, Prudence became a pilot, volunteer firefighter, EMT, and author of her first novel, "Lastborn."