When Walking Is a Challenge, But Thinking Is Not (Paperback)

By J. a. Wall

iUniverse, 9781491751374, 288pp.

Publication Date: December 12, 2014

List Price: 17.95*
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Fourteen-year-old Lynn Patton is a brilliant teenager who has every reason to believe she is defective. Born a quadriplegic after the nerves in her arms and legs failed to properly form in the womb, Lynn has already been abandoned by her father because of her disabilities. Thankfully, her mother has made it her life's mission to help Lynn develop the nerves in her limbs and ultimately enjoy a more normal life.

After spending years trying to get the world to accept her as an ordinary human being, Lynn begins to gain more use of her arms and legs and soon realizes that she and boys are discovering each other. Along with this revelation come the usual adolescent emotions, especially after a boy asks Lynn to the eighth grade dance. But when the school year ends and Lynn and her mother travel to the Maine coast to continue her rehabilitation for the summer, Lynn meets a boy who accepts her for who she is, her mother falls in love with a wealthy businessman, and Lynn's father makes a sudden reappearance.

In this tale for teens, a brilliant young girl determined to overcome all her obstacles embarks on an inspirational journey to achieve her dreams.