Abused, Obscure, or Misused Scripture (Paperback)

What Does Your Bible Say?

By Steven Paul

iUniverse, 9781491775295, 174pp.

Publication Date: November 17, 2015

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"Paul looks to Illuminate basic faith, tradition and practice, offering direction to those who may feel dizzy in a world where cultural, political and religious landscapes seem to be changing by the minute. Paul covers such hot button topics as divorce, homosexuality, and abortion . . . also] the Trinity . . .good and bad angels, the Sabbath, . . .tattooing and piercing . . . The author has an informal, conversational style that makes primarily for easy reading." -Blueink Review Also discussed are the great "stories" of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, The Red Sea, the Feeding of 5000. How do these stories and lessons apply to today's society? Can the Bible really teach modern-day individuals about abortion, immorality, sexual indiscretion, and political progress? Can it still guide us to become better people, better parents, and better citizens? In Abused, Obscure, or Misused Scripture, these questions and more are answered through an engaging and diligent investigation and study into some of the most commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted Bible passages. From its ancient stories to its lessons of morality and character, a detailed and faithful analysis of these scriptures reveals how God's Word-in any time and for any place-maintains a deep and abiding relevance. By guiding readers through the Word with careful attention to the language and different translations and versions of the Bible, author Steven Paul helps fellow believers both better understand and embrace fully the underlying meanings and applications of the sometimes exciting, sometimes confounding, but always inspiring scriptures.