The Space Hero's Guide to Glory (Paperback)

How to Get Off Your Podunk Planet and Master the Final Frontier

By Nick Hurwitch, Phil Hornshaw

Sourcebooks, 9781492602996, 288pp.

Publication Date: February 3, 2015

List Price: 12.99*
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Think every space hero was born with an army of laser-firing minions?
Think it's easy to maintain a healthy rivalry with your archnemesis?
Think again

Intergalactic News Flash: Even a rookie like yourself can become the next great Space Hero. But there's more to it than seducing alien babes or swapping one-liners with our first mate. How will you combat the evils of helmet hair? Can you win a no-win scenario? If you want to survive the 'Verse, you've got a lot to learn, Cadet.

The Space Hero's Guide to Glory is a step-by-step illustrated guide that will take you from home world half-wit to interstellar idol. Filled with lessons gleaned from your legendary predecessors--including Han Solo, Captain Kirk, and Kara Thrace--you'll learn the difference between laser and phaser, how to assemble a crew of brilliant misfits, and the basic piloting skills to avoid warping your starship straight into a black hole.

So suit up and get reading, Cadet. Space needs its next Space Hero.