Baden-Powell's Beads (Paperback)

Aksum: Book Three: Beads Series

By Paul D. Parsons

Createspace, 9781492900788, 294pp.

Publication Date: December 11, 2013

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Baden-Powell's Beads: Aksum is the third book in this series, following the adventures of Agent Patrick Dartson, Agent Adnan Fazeph, and nurse Pam Blanchard back to London and ultimately to the ancient country of Ethiopia, where they struggle to solve the mystery of the Zulu beads. Pam fiance, Dr. David Freeman, was given one of these beads in Book I by a dying patient. They were nearly killed by a band of Zulus wanting it back. In Book II, Dr. Freeman is killed as the Arab world, through Scotland Yard and the Rastafarians, joins in the pursuit of the beads for reasons yet unknown. Cheri Hassan, the beautiful assassin working for a double agent in the Yard, pursues the beads only for the money others are willing to pay. In this book, Rastafarian henchman, Ras Marcus, teams up with Cheri to deliver threeof the original 24 beads to the pretender to the Ethiopian throne, Lij Mered, who has organized a terrorist training camp in Aksum near the church housing the Ark of the Covenant. Lij Mered's nefarious designs on world order hinge on reuniting the beads with the Ark. Adnan, using his ability to blend into the Arab world must infiltrate this camp at great personal risk, as Patrick and Pam provide him with the cover he needs to survive. As the story unfolds and our heroes are drawn deeper into the mystery, it becomes increasing clear that perhaps they are all characters in a much bigger plot, one dating back to the beginning of recorded history.