Writing Made Easy (Paperback)

How to Develop a Tight Plot & Memorable Characters

By Dorothy Cora Moore

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781492936886, 190pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2014

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MICHAEL CRICHTON'S method for plotting out a story revealed.

MASTER HOLLYWOOD screenwriting instructor, Lajos Egri's, methods for developing memorable characters and much more.

"You need to formulate a premise and start your story at a crisis, which will be the turning point in your main character's life."

Author, screenwriter and creative writing instructor, Dorothy Cora Moore, has written a book for those of us who have a great story to tell . . . but it is, as yet, still hidden deep in our minds. She will show you a simple method of getting that story out of your head and onto the page.

"Writing Made Easy" will get you started in a big way.

Clearly and concisely, the author gives us the secret of her step-by-step layering of a story. You will never again wonder where to begin, feel overwhelmed, or think about what should come next. It will be like having a trusted friend sitting beside you helping all the way.

Chapter 1 is where most of us fail. If an agent, publisher and/or reviewer are not grabbed right from the beginning when reading Chapter 1, our manuscript will sadly be thrown in the "dead Pile." Yikes

Dorothy's seven distinct steps for this crucial chapter are: (1) Setting the Scene; (2) Introducing the Protagonist; (3) Setting the Mood; (4) Introducing Important Secondary Characters; (5) Introducing the Antagonist; (6) Introducing the Pivotal Character; and (7) Setting Up a Crisis.

Are you ready to get started? I hope so, for a captivating and mystical door has now been opened just for you

About the Author

Author Dorothy Cora Moore is a screenwriter, the author of the epic novel "The Atlanteans" that earned 5-star reviews, and is currently teaching a creative writing class. Her book "Writing Made Easy - How to Develop a Tight Plot and Memorable Characters" was created for her community education students at Yavapai College in mile-high Prescott, Arizona. With a background working in law, the author has also taken classes for pleasure at UCLA in Screenwriting and Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Born in Chicago, Illinois, the author now lives in Prescott, Arizona.