Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld (Paperback)

Hunting the Priest Killer: Case notes from the Raven Siren

By Jared Drake, C. S. Woolley

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781500232924, 46pp.

Publication Date: July 15, 2014

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When the priest known as Patrick was found murdered so close to Easter Sunday, Siren swore she would avenge his death and find his killer. Whoever was stupid enough to kill a priest, clearly didn't know he was Siren's priest too. Taking on the gangs on the underworld, she won't stop until she has found who was responsible for murdering the only person that was ever nice to her without wanting anything in return. Keeping Fred and Harry at arms length whilst she delves deeper into the criminal underworld. Nicolette Mace is a private investigator out of necessity, not choice. With her family dead and nowhere else to turn she had to learn to stand on her own two feet and live the only way her father ever taught her to. Life as a private investigator isn't all big cases, excitement and arch enemies. Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld follows the day to day musings and activities of Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren, taken from her online blog. "My name is Nicolette Mace, but you might know me as the Raven Siren. I'm a Private Investigator living the 1930s romantic dream in this new and exciting modern age. I keep records of everything that happens; everything I have seen and done. Why? There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophies." Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series (in chronological order) 1. Medusa 2. Siren's Call 3. Shadow 4. A Shot in the Dark 5. The Case of Mrs. Weldon 6. Hunting the Priest Killer 7. From Out of the Ashes 8. Manhunt 9. A Friend in Need 10. Gangster's Paradise 11. Murder in the First 12. Sabrina 13. Ring of Fire 14. Return of McGregor 15. Last Train Home 16. Til Death do us Part 17. How do you solve a problem like Siren? 18. When 3 become 2 19. Ballad of Fallen Angels 20. Case of the Welsh Corgi 21. Murder at the Cricket Club 22. Backtrack 23. Once Upon a Dream 24. Witchcraft 25. Me, Myself and Fred 26. Friends will be Friends 27. Thicker than Water 28. Money 29. The Shortest Day 30. Play it Again 31. Maneater 32. A Hard Day's Night 33. Ghosts 34. Easy Come, Easy Go 35. Dancing in the Moonlight 36. Deceiving Appearances 37. Midnight Runner 38. Charlie, Whisky, Tango 39. Double Down 40. New City, New Faces 41. At the Point of a 9mm 42. Siren's Last Stand 43. The Streets of the Living 44. Derek Long Saga 45. Lily & Rose Saga 46. Legacy Other Siren titles 1. Beginnings 2. Kevin Metis Saga 3. Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 1 4. Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 2 5. Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 3 6. Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 4 7. Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 5.

About the Author

C.S. Woolley (Caroline Sarah Woolley) was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire and raised in the nearby town of Wilmslow. From an early age she discovered she had a flair and passion for writing. This was fuelled by winning local poetry and short story competitions during her years at Mottram St. Andrews Primary School. During high school, she continued to write and found her time split between acting, writing and her studies. At 14 she began writing novels. University did nothing to change her love of writing. C.S. spent a year reading Law at Manchester Metropolitan University before changing her mind and moving to read English at Hull University. After graduating she moved to Nottingham where she now lives and stays for the cricket at Trent Bridge. In 2010, C.S published her first novel, Nicolette Mace - The Raven Siren: The Kevin Metis Saga. Since 2010 she has published books in five series - The Chronicles of Celadmore, The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow, The Children of Ribe, The Children of Snotingas and Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren. More recently C.S has taken part in charity projects that include producing content for charity books such as Standing by the Watchtower: Volume 1. C.S has also acted in several plays and films including Weekend (2011). Hobbies: horse riding, including show jumping and cross country, Formula 1, tennis, free climbing, singing, boxing, dancing, playing guitar, cricket and is also an avid PC and console gamer. Favourite movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Chisum. Favourite books: Sharpe's Prey, Silverthorn and the Three Musketeers. Favourite bands: Thin Lizzy, the Darkness and McBusted. For more information please visit: http: //