How to Be Single (Paperback)

A Novel

By Liz Tuccillo

Washington Square Press, 9781501140525, 368pp.

Publication Date: January 26, 2016

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The inspiration for the major motion picture!

From the coauthor of He’s Just Not That Into You and a former story editor for Sex and the City, How to Be Single is about one woman’s attempts to navigate a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love.

Julie Jenson is a single thirty-seven-year-old book publicist in New York. When her friend Georgia’s husband leaves her for a samba teacher, she forces Julie to organize a single girls’ night out to remind her why it’s so much fun not to be tied down. But the night ends up having the opposite effect on Julie. Fed up with the dysfunction and disappointments of singledom, Julie quits her job and sets off to find out how women around the world are dealing with this dreaded phenomenon. From Paris to Brazil to Sydney, Bali, Beijing, Mumbai, and Reyjavik, Julie falls in love, gets her heart broken, sees the world, and learns more than she ever dreamed possible. All the while her friends at home are grappling with their own issues—bad blind dates, loveless engagements, custody battles, single motherhood, and the death of a loved one. Written in Liz Tuccillo’s pitch-perfect, hilarious, and relatable voice, How to Be Single is “a summer read that, for once, accurately depicts the hopes, fears, and bad dates of a single woman looking for love” (Parade).

About the Author

Liz Tuccillo was an executive story editor of HBO's Emmy-winning Sex and the City and has also written for Off Broadway. She is currently living and dating in New York City.

Praise For How to Be Single: A Novel

Praise for How to Be Single:

"A captivating debut novel...familiar territory for readers of Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir Eat, Pray, Love...Tucillo proves to be a gifted and sparkling writer. Conversational, witty and kind, she's a joy to read."

"From former Sex and the City writer Liz Tuccillo, co-author of He’s Just Not That Into You, comes How To Be Single, a summer read that, for once, accurately depicts the hopes, fears, and bad dates of a single woman looking for love."

"In her first novel, Tuccillo offers witty insights and true-to-life tales."

"Is Julie Jenson the new Carrie Bradshaw? Sex and the City writer Liz Tuccillo (who also cowrote He's Just Not That Into You) introduces readers to 38-year-old looking-for-love Jenson, who travels the world to see how other single women cope."

“In her energetic fiction debut, [Tuccillo] follows the dating lives of five single New York women, one of whom, narrator Julie, is writing a book about how bachelorettes across the world manage. The subsequent stories of courtship, marriage and romantic expectations …are revealing and compelling.”

"Part novel, part travelogue, part advice on matters of the heart--and an engaging read."

“Tuccillo, author of the enormously popular He’s Just Not That Into You (2004), ventures into fictional territory that distinctly echoes Sex and the City…Both entertaining and thoughtful, Tuccillo’s debut is a must read for women navigating the sometimes treacherous dating world.”

“Tuccillo, a former story editor of HBO’s Sex and the City, shows that she can tell a story on the page as well as she can on the small screen. Her novel cleverly moves back and forth between the heroine’s travels all over the world to her friend’s dealing with the everyday minutiae back home in New York City.”

"When Tuccillo captures the surprising contradictions of relationships, as when Jensen discovers the unlikely happiness of an Indian woman's arranged marriage, she soars. ...reminiscent of Sex and the City."

"A hilarious look at one single woman's quest to unlock the mysteries of single life."

"A fun read that reminds single girls everywhere that it's fabulous to be single."
— Plum Sykes, author of Bergdorf Blondes

"This book is a celebration of "the magnificent, cruel, sublime, heart-breaking party" that is love. I'm quoting one of my favorite lines from "How to Be Single" there, and you'll be doing the same as soon as you crack open this delicious feast of a first novel that examines how it is to be single around the world. Liz articulates the quest for love and the nuance of friendship in such a fresh,soulful, humorous, modern, honest voice, you can't help but fall in love with her characters, and with Liz as well."
— Cindy Chupack, author of The Between Boyfriends Book and a writer/executive producer of Sex and the City

"With brutal honesty and an outrageous sense of humor, Liz Tuccillo achieves the impossible--she gives a fresh new voice to the world of single-and-looking-for-love. Tuccillo forces us to think outside the box while taking us on a trip around the world and into the lives of single women everywhere. She has created a new genre: the chick-lit travelogue."
— Josh Safran, coexecutive producer of Gossip Girl

“Liz Tuccillo’s debut novel is part fascinating, hands-and-lips-on anthropological study and part whirlwind trip around the world. But most of all, How to Be Single is a tribute to female friendship with a double dose of hilarity and heart!”
— Claire Cook, author of Summer Blowout and Must Love Dogs