The Economists' Diet (Hardcover)

The Surprising Formula for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

By Christopher Payne, Ph.D., Rob Barnett

Gallery Books, 9781501160707, 320pp.

Publication Date: January 2, 2018

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Combining the authors’ personal weight-loss stories with their passion for economics, this bold new behavioral approach to dieting recommends micro habits and meta-rules that will enable dieters to control their impulses to overeat, approach food in a healthier way, and lose weight once and for all.

Chris Payne and Rob Barnett are two formerly obese economists who met while working at Bloomberg. They faced the same obstacles to healthy living that so many others face today: long hours, endless stress, constant eating out, and snacking out of boredom. When they finally decided to do something about it, they lost weight by applying what they know best—economics—to their waistlines.

The Economists’ Diet outlines a straightforward, sustainable path for changing your eating habits. By combining economic principles, real-world data, and their own personal experiences, this guide teaches you how to control your impulses to overeat and learn how to approach food in a healthier way. Payne and Barnett provide simple solutions that you can use to achieve lasting results, without extreme dieting or giving up your favorite foods. By applying economic concepts, such as supply and demand, budgeting, and abundance, The Economists’ Diet is a unique and effective way to lose weight—and successfully keep it off.

About the Author

Christopher Payne is an economist with expertise in banking and finance. Originally from London, he holds a PhD from the London School of Economics. Currently living in the Middle East, he has previously worked, among other places, at Bloomberg, JPMorgan, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Along with Rob Barnett, he is the coauthor of The Economists’ Diet. His first book was The Consumer, Credit and Neoliberalism.

Rob Barnett is a senior analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. He holds two postgraduate degrees, one in economics and the other in engineering. Prior to Bloomberg, Rob worked for a number of years at IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates, one of the world’s leading energy industry consultancies. Rob’s area of expertise is the political economy of fossil fuels. Along with Chris Payne, he is the coauthor of The Economists’ Diet.

Praise For The Economists' Diet: The Surprising Formula for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

“This advice makes a lot of sense and is habit-forming.” - Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better

“A great book to read after the gluttony of the new year!” –CBS Saturday Morning

“It took two economists, Chris Payne and Rob Barnett, to write what hundreds of medical researchers and nutritionists have not had the courage to say, in order to reduce our ever expanding waistline, we have to learn to eat less. Rather than sell the same old weight loss “miracles”, as most diet books do, they provide the reader with sound, evidence-based, ways that not only produce a significant weight loss, but a weight loss that can be sustained as long as you monitor your weight.”—David Levitsky, Professor of Nutrition and Psychology at Cornell University

“[A] uniquely themed and user-friendly guide… While some dieters may balk at the advice to ‘embrace hunger,’ others will find the authors’ down-to-earth, realistic tactics (e.g., enjoy the occasional big meal, but cut back the next day) both motivating and sensible.”—Publishers Weekly

"The Economists' Diet, I picked it up, I’m like, 'are you kidding me?' Guess what? This is a smart book on a huge national issue."--Tom Keene, Bloomberg Surveillance

“Full of perfectly sensible advice.” –The Economist

“An enjoyable account of the thought process of two non-diet professionals who hacked their way into a system that worked for them” –