Back to Happy (Paperback)

A Journey of Hope, Healing and Waking Up

By Connie T. Bowman

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781502768544, 72pp.

Publication Date: December 9, 2014

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We all face different challenges in life-we lose loved ones or jobs, fail at relationships or at achieving our goals. While our pain and grief are incomparable among us, one thing is true of all of us: we were created for happiness. But how do you reclaim this birthright in the face of devastating loss, or even just amid the daily hurts and disappointments that pile up year after year?

Step one: acceptance. By choosing to accept the reality of your circumstances, you make a mental shift that allows the healing process to begin. The surprising result? Peace. It may not arrive immediately; but slowly and surely, you will begin to experience a serene equilibrium that has nothing to do with your outer circumstances.

Acceptance is just the first step in your journey to reclaim a vibrant life. In her book Back to Happy: A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Waking Up, Connie T. Bowman shares how she rediscovered joy after the death of her first child. In addition to personal stories, she offers nine practical steps you can take toward healing as well as links to podcast interviews and a list of helpful books, videos, prayers, and poems.

About the Author

Connie T. Bowman, an actress and voice-over talent who has performed on the stage and in film and television, is the host and producer of the Happy Healthy You! podcast. She generally lives in the state of awe and wonder along with her adorable husband, Rob, with whom she has three children: Meghan, Caroline, and Bobby. Twenty-three years after the death of their first child, Meghan, Bowman was inspired to share her story of handling the grief and loss in her uplifting book Back to Happy: A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Waking Up. Find out more about the author on her website: