Black Ice (Paperback)

The 66 Degree Conspiracy

By Max Morgan

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781502778550, 280pp.

Publication Date: January 20, 2015

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An international conspiracy to gain control over vast Arctic oil and gas resources touches close to home in Max Morgan's riveting spy thriller Black Ice.

As a senior intelligence officer with the Norwegian Police Security Service, Magnus Ose enjoys both personal and professional success. But his loving family and his career suddenly hang in the balance as he attempts to solve the mysterious deaths of several of his assets.

After discovering that confidential industry data has been stolen from oil and gas executive Finn Aspen, Magnus vows to identify the thief. But his efforts prove too late when Aspen is found shot in the head.

Shortly after, Norwegian diplomat Alf Evenson is found dead in an "accidental" apartment building fire-the second of Magnus's assets to die in twenty-four hours.

Magnus's investigation uncovers an elaborate network of spies and double agents that involves assets from North America, the Balkans, Western Europe, Russia, and the CIS.

It's only as he gets closer to the truth that he realizes he might be too late-and that the web of lies he's trying to penetrate might have already infiltrated his work...and even his own family.

About the Author

Max Morgan is a former government official with insight into the workings of security intelligence issues. Having traveled and worked around the world, the author is currently employed as a private consultant. For the author's outstanding work, Morgan was awarded the State Security and Intelligence Cross of Merit by a friendly country.