The Mortician's Wife (Paperback)

#1 of the Mortician Series

By MS Maralee Lowder, MS Laura Pallatin (Illustrator)

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781502845665, 292pp.

Publication Date: January 9, 2015

List Price: 14.99*
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The honeymoon of Ada, a shy and innocent young girl and Horace, a dashingly handsome, charismatic, mortician, gets off to a rough start. The marriage goes down hill from there. Although the marriage continues to be unconsummated, Ada holds out hope that one day the love she has for her husband will destroy the emotional wall that continues to separate them. Unfortunately, before this happens, her father, a celebrated physician and owner of the local hospital, faces ruin, both financially and legally. It is then that Ada realizes the only reason Horace married her was because of her family's high standing within the local community. That is when all hope of sharing love with her husband vanishes, as he begins abusing her. Having no one to turn to, Ada quietly accepts her husband's abuse, until, after years of living in fear, Horace does the unthinkable. When he takes away her only reason for living, she shes him for what he as become--a monster of the highest order. When she learns the depth of his depravities, she comes to the realization that it is up to her to keep not only herself safe from him, but also any others who might come within his distorted vision. What she decides she must do will surprise most readers, and abhor others. She feels it is her duty to humanity to protect them from the man she once loved. Unfortunately, what she cannot possibly know is, that although she may have saved others from the living man, she has released an even more dangerous evil, his everlasting angered soul.

About the Author

Maralee Lowder was previously a writer of romantic fiction. However, after moving to Dunsmuir, CA, a small town virtually in the shadow of the mystically beautiful Mt. Shasta, she discovered a building that caused her to shift her preferred genre from romance to horror. The building was an old, often abandoned, mortuary which was rumored to be haunted. Fascinated both by the paranormal and historic buildings, she couldn't resist writing a story that encapsulated both of these aspects. When it was learned that she was in the process of writing a book featuring the old mortuary, local residents found their way to her, telling her of their own eerie experiences in the building. But it wasn't until she became friends with a couple who were in the process of refurbishing the building with the intention of turning it into a B&B that she began to take the stories seriously. The couple was living on site, while the lady worked her magic of turning an empty, old, spooky building into a thing of beauty. During the remake of the house, she and her husband experienced a myriad of hauntings. The Mortician series of books is entirely fiction--except for many of the ghostly haunting tales As Ms. Lowder learned, more and more about, not just the building itself, but also about the people who were then inhabiting it, she was amazed to learn of the many similarities of the couple to the characters in the books. Maralee Lowder has written two more Mortician books, The Mortician's Revenge and The Mortician's Legacy, both of which will be available at Amazon and Createspace shortly, and is in the process of writing the fourth and last Mortician book, The Mortician's Law. The release of The Mortician's Law is targeted for November, 2015.