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All-Age Everything

Worship for an Intergenerational church

Nick Harding


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There are many differing opinions on children and their ability to worship. Some churches aim for frequent, all-age services as their way of encouraging children to encounter God, while others rely on the groups that children are sent to during the service. Like all areas of ministry with children, all-age worship is not easy--there are barriers to face, mistakes to make and lessons to learn. This revised edition of All-Age Everything is full of ideas and suggestions to make all-age worship a true intergenerational worship experience. It looks at every part of an all-age service, from how to go about the initial planning, followed by tips for welcomes and beginnings, to endings and blessings. The ideas can be adapted to suit your own church setting, but, most of all, they make meeting God fun for the entire church family, however young or old.

Augsburg Books, 9781506459844, 69pp.

Publication Date: May 19, 2020