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Cover for Everyday Woodworking

Everyday Woodworking

A Beginner's Guide to Woodcraft With 12 Hand Tools

Rex Krueger


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Get started with simple, useful, handcrafted woodworking projects for everyday people—with only 12 basic tools!

Lots of people want to try woodwork, but they get intimidated by dangerous power tools and difficult techniques. Good news: there are lots of ways to work with wood and anyone can get a few tools and start making projects.

Everyday Woodworking starts at the very beginning—with wood. How can this common material make everything from furniture to houses? What makes it so strong? Why does it break? More importantly, what can you do to a piece of wood? Sometimes we cut it with a saw. Other times, we split it with an ax or shave it with a knife. This book explains why we choose each tool and how to pick the right cut for any project. As Rex likes to say: "Trust me, it’s not hard."

Once you get a few tools and learn some simple techniques, you’ll start making things right away. You’ll begin with a simple mallet and some wooden wedges and then advance to splitting green logs into usable lumber.

Next you’ll pick up a knife and a drill and after just a little practice, you’ll be making things you can give to your friends; things they’ll actually use:
  • A wooden butter knife
  • A desk organizer
  • A few pieces of sturdy furniture
  • Sawhorses
  • A small workbench
Each project is shown step-by-step with the beginner in mind. The projects are simple but not primitive. Everyday Woodworking will give you skills that you can build on as you grow as a craftsperson.

Skyhorse, 9781510760165, 240pp.

Publication Date: June 15, 2021

About the Author

Rex Krueger has taught Writing and Media Studies at several large universities. In 2015, he left academia and started Rex Krueger Fabrication, a custom furniture company that also makes unusual objects in metal and plastic. Rex teaches craftsmanship in person and online with his popular YouTube channel. He’s the author of the book One Week to Woodturning. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.